Barista resume example
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Barista resume example

Baristas prepare coffee, tea, and specialty beverages for coffee shop customers. They also serve as cashiers, clean and sanitize the shop, and sometimes work on business tasks such as maintaining inventory or creating new drinks. Discover how to craft a barista resume that looks as good as the drinks you’ll be making.

Key sections to include in a barista’s resume

When applying for a position as a barista, you should include a detailed resume that describes your work history and shows what you will bring to the job. Make sure to include these critical sections on each resume you send.

The header for your barista resume should include your contact details, including your first and last name, email address, phone number, and general location. It’s also important to include your job title so that the hiring manager knows what you do and how it relates to the position you’re applying for.

Header Example:

Sophia Owens
(770) 812-0155
Fayetteville, Georgia


The resume summary should tell the shop owner or hiring manager who you are and what professional qualifications you possess. Be succinct in this section, as the person reading it will find further details about your work in other sections of your resume.

Summary Example:

Friendly, attentive, and efficient barista with five years of experience crafting both classic and unique coffee and tea beverages at busy Atlanta coffee shops. Possesses a refined palate, extensive knowledge of coffee origins, flavors, and roasting techniques, and a knack for pairing coffees and pastries to create the ultimate customer experience.

Work experience

Your work experience is a critical part of your barista resume. It shows the hiring manager what you have done in the past that has prepared you for the role you’re applying for. This section should include details about where you worked, how long you worked in each position, and what responsibilities you were given.

Work Experience Example:

BaristaCamden Woods Coffee Co., Atlanta, GA

January 2018 - July 2021

  • Took customer beverage orders, making suggestions for pastry pairings for upsells
  • Quickly crafted customized coffee and tea beverages with a team of 4 to 6 for approximately 90 customers during the busy weekday morning shift
  • Cleaned and sanitized work surfaces, equipment, and cafe furniture and amenities
  • Participated in seasonal drink development sessions with management and selected crew members

Education and certifications

Any good barista has a solid education in the basics of crafting classic coffee and tea beverages. Whether you earned a formal certificate or completed on-the-job training, indicate where you learned how to make drinks and include the names of any specific classes you took. You can also list special certifications and association memberships relevant to the barista jobs you’re applying for.

Education & Certifications Example:

Atlanta Coffee School

  • Quality Coffee Brewing Class, August 2017
  • Espresso & Milk Skills Class, October 2017
  • Latte Art Class, March 2018

National Environmental Health Association Food Safety Credential, May 2019

Specialty Coffee Association Member

  • Completed Coffee Skills Program, November 2019
  • Participant in Fair Trade Roundtable, July 2021

Hard skills

Your hard skills are truly the crux of your resume. Though everything you include is essential, you must ensure hiring managers know you have what it takes to make customers happy. This isn’t just about greeting customers and ensuring you take orders accurately (though those are important elements of customer interaction); it means having the know-how to make their beverage exactly as they’ve asked. 

Many coffee shop customers are very discerning. Consequently, it’s important that your hard skills shine through on your resume and cover letter.

Hard Skills Example:

  • Coffee Brewing and Extraction
  • Beverage and Pastry Pairing
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Handling Cash and Card Transactions
  • Milk and Latte Art

Soft skills

Though hard skills prove you can do your job, your soft skills show that you can create an amazing coffee shop experience for customers and get along with the crew you’ll be working with. In this section, you should include qualities that make you stand out as a preferred candidate.

Soft Skills Example:

  • Effective Time Management
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Consistent Attention to Detail
  • Efficient Multitasking

Hobbies and interests

Hobbies and interests aren’t necessary on a resume for barista job seekers. However, this is an important section to include if you have personal interests that can give you an edge in your search for the perfect barista position. If you speak more than one language or have built relationships with community organizations, you should indicate that in a small section at the end of your resume.

Hobbies & Interests Example:

  • Languages: Fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language
  • Volunteer Work: Provide hot meals and unlimited coffee to veterans at the Atlanta Mission two Saturdays per month

When you put your best foot forward by adding a personal touch to these barista resume examples, you’re much more likely to land the position you truly want.

Tips for writing the barista-specific resume

Barista experience and exceptional customer service skills are key to landing a top barista role. Supervisors want to know that you can make delicious coffee drinks quickly and efficiently, serve customers well, and keep the shop running smoothly. Let's look at some tips for crafting the best barista resume possible.

  • Reverse chronological format: For these reasons, a reverse chronological resume template that showcases your work history and highlights your training is best when applying for a barista role.
  • Tailor your resume: Because every coffee shop is different, it’s important to tailor your resume for each job opening. For example, some coffee shops value innovation and attract customers with new and exciting drinks. If you love coming up with new drink options using trendy coffees or teas, toppings, and flavored syrups, emphasize that fact in your resume.
  • Showcase relevant work experience: Coffee shop customers place a high value on having their drinks made just as they expect. Expert baristas have education and training on different types of coffee, drink variations, equipment, and techniques. It’s important to make sure that you showcase this knowledge on your resume so that the person responsible for hiring you knows what you’re capable of and what you may need further training on.

Just like in any industry, coffee shop owners and managers appreciate seeing the breadth and depth of an applicant’s job experience. When you quantify your achievements, you can help your future employer understand what you’ll bring to the team.

For example, instead of just describing the morning shift at your current employer as “busy,” explain how many customers your team serves on average and your accuracy rate for making and serving drinks.

Baristas are central to coffee shop success

Being a great barista is about more than just making coffee; it’s about making classic beverages while introducing customers to new tastes, serving their needs, and ensuring the shop runs efficiently. 

When customizing your barista resume sample, make sure to highlight your education and training, get specific about how you serve customers and the shop, and quantify your achievements so the person hiring you understands your professional capacity and how well you work under pressure.

If you’re ready to make your coffee-making dreams come true, take advantage of our easy-to-use, barista-specific resume and cover letter templates. Start crafting the perfect job application today.

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