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Choosing the best CV template

With the job market more competitive than ever, it’s essential to do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd. With recruiters and hiring managers sometimes receiving hundreds of applications for a single position, they don’t necessarily have the time to review every CV in depth. As such, CVs have evolved to be as brief and readable as possible.

A great CV catches the attention of an employer and highlights why the candidate is suitable for the role. Using attractive, professional-looking CV design templates can help you to make a more positive impression. Subtle design elements and colour accents draw the eye and hold the attention of the reader. They also provide structure and clarity to your document. Selecting from a list of easy CV templates also means you don’t need to learn how to design your document. As such, you can avoid common design mistakes that could reduce your chances of success.

With a choice of 12 modern CV templates, Jobseeker provides plenty of options to suit your style. Think about how you want to present yourself to the employer, and select a template that reflects your personality. You might prefer creative CV templates, or something more formal and professional, depending on the industry, the role, or its level of seniority.

By using a professional CV design, your document will have a clear structure and attractive appearance, to make a positive impression with any recruiter or hiring manager. After creating your CV, use our CV template download tools, so you can send your winning CV to employers.

Jobseeker can also help you to complete your application by creating an eye-catching cover letter. This complements your CV and elaborates on the skills and experience you consider most relevant to your application. Take a look at Jobseeeker’s cover letter examples to help format this important document.

Correct CV format

Before deciding on a CV template and design, you’ll want to consider which CV format to use. There are typically two types of CV format to choose from, depending on your experience. You can find descriptions of these below:

Reverse-chronological CV format

The reverse-chronological CV format is also known as the ‘traditional’ CV format. This is the format you’re most likely to use if you have plenty of relevant work experience and want your CV to showcase this. It’s also the structure most employers prefer candidates to use, unless you’re applying for an entry-level or very junior position.

A reverse-chronological format CV includes a header with your contact information, followed by a CV objective or summary. This is a summary outlining your experience, skills and career ambitions. Below this, the main section of the CV is your work experience. Here you can list every relevant role in reverse-chronological order, starting with your current or most recent position. Under each role, include a list of bullet points outlining your responsibilities and achievements. Below your work history section comes your education and skills, plus any additional optional sections.

Functional CV format

The functional CV format is also known as the ‘skills-based’ CV format. This is a useful format to use if you’re entering the job market and don’t have much relevant work experience. It could also be useful if you’re making a career change and want to focus on your transferable skills rather than your employment history.

As with the reverse-chronological CV, the document starts with a header, followed by a CV objective or summary. The next section is your skills. You can divide this into hard skills and soft skills, or technical skills and transferable skills. Typically, education is the next section, followed by your employment history in reverse-chronological order and finally, any optional additional sections.

Jobseeker’s top CV templates can be adapted to whichever CV format you decide to use. The simple, readable layouts can easily showcase a traditional format or a skills-based layout, while the CV template download tools provide access to your final documents so you can use them for your job applications.

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