Electrician resume example
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Electrician resume example

Electricians are responsible for using their training and expertise to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in homes, commercial buildings, or any other structure. They might work on control, security, lighting, and communications systems. Learn how to create a compelling electrician resume to help you finally land your desired job.

Key sections to include in an electrician's resume

When you apply for a position as an electrician, your resume and cover letter are the best tools you have for getting noticed. Because performing work as an electrician requires you to meet strict licensure standards, it’s important to make it clear to hiring managers that you’ve met those standards. 

Use the electrician resume examples below as a guide to create a tailored resume for your next job application. 

A resume header is a succinct way of reminding the hiring manager of who you are and the role you’re applying for. It should provide your full name, job title, and contact information, including your email address, phone number, and general location.

Header Example:

Allan J. Bateman
Class II Electrician
(404) 916-4286
Alpharetta, GA


Your work summary should be no more than a few sentences. In those sentences, you should communicate who you are and what qualities you possess that make you the right candidate for the position.

Summary Example:

OSHA Safety Certified Class II licensed electrician with extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of security, lighting, and control systems and electrical risk assessment. Compliance-minded at all times and dedicated to the use of sustainable technologies whenever possible. 

Work experience

Along with education and licensing, extensive work experience is required to work as an electrician in the United States. When you describe your work history, make sure that it reflects the required number of hours needed to obtain your electrician license and that you include as many quantifiable accomplishments as possible. 

Work Experience Example:

Class II ElectricianZygat Electrical Solutions, LLCJune 2018 - May 2021

  • Conducted installation and repairs of fixtures, outlets, and terminal boards
  • Consulted diagrams to diagnose system malfunctions, solving 90% of customer issues without the need for supervision
  • Performed maintenance on power tools, resulting in an 18% reduction in repair costs


The education required to become a licensed electrician varies from state to state, with most states requiring thousands of hours of work-based training and supervision over a number of years. 

It’s typically against the law for you to practice your profession without this education. For that reason, you’ll want to ensure that your resume clearly shows you’ve completed all education requirements to be hired as an electrician in your state. 

Education Example:

Savannah Technical College

  • Electrical Technology Diploma (ET12), May 2018
  • Sustainable Technologies Diploma (ST32), May 2019
  • Specialization in Industrial Applications

Licensure and certification

Certifications are yet another section of your electrician resume that needs special attention, as you must have a license to legally practice in any state. Under this heading, you should provide clear details about what licenses you possess, when you obtained them, and which certifying body granted you the license. 

Licensure & Certification Example: 

Class II Electrical Contractor License (Unrestricted)Georgia State Board of Electrical Contractors, August 2022

OSHA Safety Certificate, December 2022


In the skills section of your electrician resume, you’ll want to list your hard skills first and then focus on your soft skills. While electricians should be able to work well with others, communicate effectively, and desire to do excellent work, they must possess the hard skills that allow them to keep themselves and others safe while on the job.

Skills Example:

Hard Skills:

  • Mathematic Calculations and Measurements
  • Interpreting Blueprints and Electrical Plans
  • Electrical Risk Assessments
  • Electrical Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • Installation of Electrical Conduits and Cables
  • Knowledge of National and Local Electric Codes

Soft Skills:

  • Time Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer Service
  • Problem-Solving

Professional associations

Listing memberships in local and national professional associations on your resume for electrician jobs will demonstrate your commitment to your work and present you as someone who values career development. Make sure to list each association as well as any significant activities or roles you play in them. 

Professional Associations Example: 

  • Independent Electrical Contractors, Atlanta Chapter
    • Currently serving on the Leadership Board
    • Participated in Workplace Safety Panel, June 2022
  • National Electrical Contractors Association

Hobbies and interests

While some experts believe that a section highlighting your interests isn’t necessary, it could improve your chances of getting an interview for an electrician position, especially if you regularly engage in interests and hobbies that are relevant to the job. 

If you believe knowledge, experience, or connections gained through a hobby would be advantageous, don’t hesitate to include it on your resume.

Hobbies & Interests Example:

  • Languages: Proficient in Spanish, French, and Swahili
  • Volunteering: Work with Electrical Workers Without Borders North America to bring electrical upgrades to a pediatric hospital in the village of Chiulo, Angola

Use these tips in combination with a good electrician resume sample or template. With a little help, you can craft a resume that wins over hiring managers and gets the second look you need to land your next position.

Tips for writing the role-specific resume

When crafting a resume for an electrician role, a reverse chronological resume template is the best format. Reverse chronological resumes are great at showcasing your work history, which is critical to getting hired. Employers will also easily be able to find crucial information related to your professional qualifications and skills, so they’ll know right away if you’re a fit for the position.

If they use a template or sample resume, electrician applicants should ensure they tailor each resume to the specific job listing. A resume that is specially made for the position allows you to showcase what is relevant and important to that particular company. 

For example, suppose that a company does a lot of work in a neighborhood where you speak the same language as many of the residents. In that case, you can include a special note on your resume about your proficiency in that language. 

Or suppose that a company is on the hunt for an electrician with a particular skill. Your resume can show them that you have the expertise they’re looking for.

One more reason to create a role-specific resume is to ensure that employers know that you are qualified and legally able to perform electrical work in your state. This means including your education and licensure information to give the hiring manager peace of mind that they won’t face any compliance or safety issues by bringing you on board.

Finally, you should quantify all of your achievements so that hiring managers understand the specific contributions you’ve made to each of your past employers. 

For example, you can list how many customers you serve per week, by what percentage you’ve reduced safety incidents or repair costs, or how many mentees you have trained. When employers see these numbers, they’ll be more confident that your knowledge and work ethic will benefit their business. 

A relevant electrician resume is the key to job seeker success

Electricians have a critical job that requires extensive mathematical and technical skills and a commitment to impeccable time management, communication, teamwork, and customer service. 

Writing an effective electrician resume is all about letting employers know that you have the required education and experience to legally do the job and that you are dedicated to continually improving your craft.

A resume that reflects these two things is much more likely to be seriously considered for the position. If you’re ready to find success in your electrician job search, take advantage of our resume and cover letter templates to craft the perfect job application today.

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