Is it worth hiring a resume writer?

Is it worth hiring a resume writer?

Professional resume writers are trained to combine compelling language with marketing techniques to help job hunters sell their skills and expertise to hiring managers. A resume writer could help you with your job search by properly highlighting your qualifications with creative formatting, style, and content choices that attract the right attention. But is it a good idea to work with one?

What is a resume writer? 

A resume writer uses their writing skills to frame your professional experience and accomplishments in a way that highlights what you can offer employers. These professionals are often current on industry standards and trends and can help you craft your resume to reflect those things.

Is it similar to a resume reviewer and a career coach?

A resume writer is not the same as a resume reviewer or career coach.

Instead of gathering information about you and your professional background to write a new resume, a resume reviewer simply looks at your existing document and offers tips on how to improve it. Similarly, a career coach gives advice and actionable steps for all aspects of your career, including networking, interviewing, and career development.

Note that some professionals offer resume review, career coaching, and resume writing services as a package deal.

When it could be helpful to hire a resume writer

Hiring a professional resume writer might be beneficial in some cases. For example, if you haven’t applied for a job in a long time, you may not have updated your resume. Because resume articles don’t always keep up with the latest trends, you may not be familiar with the best formatting or style or what sections to include or omit. 

Moreover, if you have a long-running career or a varied work history spanning many years, a resume writer can assist you in determining what to include so your resume is concise and relevant. 

You might also have many seemingly unrelated past jobs, which can make your career path look disjointed — career changers often face a similar dilemma. A resume writer can help you tie unrelated experiences together and present a coherent set of transferable skills and qualifications.

Finally, a resume writer can be particularly helpful if your job search hasn’t yielded the results you hoped it would. These professionals have studied and created many successful resume and cover letter examples and can help you craft one that gets your application noticed.

Expert tip:

If hiring a resume writer is cost-prohibitive for you, consider using a professional resume template or example as a starting point instead. That way, you’ll be able to get a sense of the layout, content, and tone you should employ.

The pros of hiring a resume writer

The decision to hire a resume writer deserves careful consideration. Here are some ways doing so can be helpful to job hunters.

Tailored service

Unlike the resume or cover letter templates you might buy or use online, a resume writer will focus solely on your unique experiences and needs. They’ll tailor your resume to fit the norms and trends in your industry and provide a customized document that showcases your true value.

Expertise and experience

It can be challenging to communicate your skills and strengths effectively if you aren’t a gifted writer. Resume writers have extensive expertise with written communication and know how to advertise your skills well. Some are even accredited or boast industry certifications.

Professional designs and layouts

Resume writers know what hiring managers want and what grabs their attention. Consequently, they can format your resume to adhere to industry norms and effectively communicate your skills. They can also provide creative resume examples and designs that make your resume stand out.


It’s not always easy to know what sections to include in your resume, how to format it, and what constitutes professional language. Hiring a resume writer can save you time and mental energy by letting someone else worry about it.

Simply summarize your work history, accomplishments, skills, and traits to your resume writer, and they’ll put the document together on your behalf.


Resume writers understand how modern applicant-tracking systems work. They’ll be familiar with the popular keywords in your industry and make sure they appear strategically in your resume and cover letter so ATS systems will pick up on your relevant experience. 

A resume writer will also know how to ensure that your layout and file type are ATS-readable so your resume doesn’t get filtered out when you apply for a job. 

It’s an investment

A resume writer will use their talent and skill to help you land a great job, and their assistance can often lead to better roles. Thus, you can consider your choice to hire one an investment in your professional future, especially if it leads to a life-changing position that positively impacts your career trajectory.

"Resume writers have extensive expertise with written communication and know how to advertise your skills well. Some are even accredited or boast industry certifications."

The cons of hiring a resume writer

Hiring a resume writer can be advantageous, but it isn’t without potential downsides. Here are a few reasons job hunters may want to think twice before relying on such a service.


Resume writers generally charge a fee for their service, which means you’ll have to pay for a well-written resume. Fees can vary depending on which professional you use, so you’ll have to interview several to get a sense of how much they’ll charge.

Not personalized enough

Despite the fact that your resume will be tailored, there’s always the possibility that it won’t be sufficiently individualized. Because someone else wrote it, your resume may lack personal flair, making its voice come across as inauthentic.

Loss of control and dependency

Hiring a resume writer requires you to share information about your past and professional life. You’ll have little control over what your resume writer does with that information.

Additionally, people sometimes become dependent on resume writers, making them less likely to put in the work to strengthen their own resume-writing skills.

The possibility of misrepresentation

In an effort to ensure that a paying job seeker puts their best foot forward, some resume writers may exaggerate the applicant’s skills by misrepresenting or misinterpreting them. This could lead to issues you aren’t prepared for in the application process.

It takes time

While working with a resume writer could put you on a promising career path, it may not yield an immediate payoff. You may have to wait to see results, especially if you still need to work on your interview skills.

Is it worth hiring a professional resume writer?

The answer to the question of whether it’s worth it to hire a professional resume writer isn’t clear-cut. It can help to consider the following points while you’re deliberating:

  • Career Goals: Are you looking for a promotion or to advance in your career?
  • Budget: Can you afford to pay a resume writer?
  • Complexity: Are you struggling with a career change, a lengthy career history, or a disjointed professional background?
  • Time: Do you have time to learn how to write a good resume?
  • Due diligence: Do you understand the resume norms and trends in your industry?

Think about how much time, money, and effort you’re willing to invest in your career. Doing so will help you decide whether hiring a resume writer is the right move. 

Only you can decide whether a resume writer can help you reach your goals

While getting advice from resume and cover letter articles can be beneficial, resume writers have a knack for communicating job hunters’ skills and strengths in a way that can wow hiring managers and recruiters. They can be great for those who have complex professional histories or lack the time to write an effective resume themselves.

Even so, hiring a resume writer means handing over the reins to another person with whom you must share your personal details. You’ll also need to budget to pay for their services. 

In the end, the choice is yours. For some, hiring a professional resume writer will be the best move. For others, cover letter and resume templates may be a more practical option.

Either way, what’s most important is ensuring that your resume and cover letters portray professionalism and confidence as they highlight you as the best candidate for the job.

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