How to End a Cover Letter With Confidence

How to end your cover letter on a high note

A strong cover letter introduction makes a hiring manager want to know more about you. However, a strong conclusion is what compels them to call you in for an interview. Ending your cover letter with confidence is essential if you’re looking to make a great impression and have a chance at getting the job you want. Learn a few tips to balance poise and tenacity in your cover letter ending.

Why craft a compelling conclusion

Many cover letter articles reiterate the importance of starting off strong, showing enthusiasm, and showcasing your skills and experience. However, it’s just as crucial to maintain that enthusiasm throughout the letter, keeping the reader interested and convincing them you’re the best candidate for the position. 

Learning how to end a cover letter with a good conclusion ensures your letter is compelling from start to finish. A strong conclusion also gives you another chance to hook the reader in. Your entire letter has been about convincing the hiring manager you have the background and traits to succeed in the role. Your conclusion is what seals the deal and makes them excited to interview you.

Key points in crafting a strong cover letter ending

Writing a compelling cover letter ending is an important skill for job seekers who want to make it past the application stage. Here are several tips you should keep in mind as you craft your cover letter closing paragraph.

Express gratitude

Hiring managers are busy people who may receive hundreds of applications for every job opening. This means they have a lot to read through, and it’s likely they appreciate candidates who acknowledge this fact by showing gratitude in their cover letters.

As you search for advice about how to end a cover letter, don’t underestimate the power of thanking the hiring manager for taking the time to read it. Good cover letter templates will show you how to devote one line of the last paragraph to letting them know you see their effort and appreciate their consideration of your candidacy.

Reiterate your interest and enthusiasm

Hiring managers don’t just want to interview any candidate. They want to focus on those who are clearly excited about the job. You’ve just spent the majority of your letter convincing the hiring manager that you’re perfect for the role. Don’t let go of that enthusiasm in the end.

Instead, reinforce your excitement by restating why you want to join the company. Tweak your cover letter examples so that they state exactly what you can contribute to the role that will help the business grow and accomplish its strategic mission.

Summarize your main points 

If you’ve structured your cover letter introduction and body paragraphs the way most cover letter and resume articles advise, you have likely already talked at length about the details of your experience and achievements. The closing paragraph is the perfect place to summarize that information to reiterate your suitability for the job.

Tell the hiring manager again why you are qualified for the position. Then, let them know that you believe these qualifications would make you a suitable employee to help them take things to the next level. 

This will ensure that your cover letter does more than just restate what’s already in your resume. It allows you to go the extra mile by showing the hiring manager how your skills work together to make you the perfect candidate.

Call to action

One critical tip for how to end a cover letter strongly is to convey your eagerness to go further in the candidate selection process. At the end of your letter, use an actionable statement to show the hiring manager that you desire to take the next steps and that you hope to be invited for an interview. 

This can be as simple as letting the hiring manager know you’d love to talk further about how you can be an asset to their team and inviting them to contact you to set up a meeting or interview. Then, tell them the best way to get in touch with you, providing your contact details for their convenience.

Remain professional 

When you’re learning how to end a cover letter, don’t forget that you are one professional writing a letter to another. For this reason, your language should always be cordial and convey a sense of respect for the person reading it. Well-structured cover letter and resume examples will help you identify a professional tone for crafting your application materials.

One way to remain professional is to use appropriate closing lines and salutations at the end of your cover letter. Some popular phrases that fit the bill here include “Best regards,” “Sincerely,” and “Respectfully.” You can also reiterate your gratitude with a line like “Thank you for your consideration.”


Although your follow-up won’t go into the cover letter itself, it’s still an important part of the application process. Consider sending one if you haven’t heard from the company about the status of your application within a reasonable timeframe (usually about one to two weeks). 

Following up on your job applications is good practice because it keeps your name in the minds of the hiring team and reinforces your interest in and excitement about the position. Doing this also ensures you’ll know immediately if additional information or next steps are needed.

Expert Tip:

At the very end of your letter, make sure to include information about any attachments you’ve included in your application. This may include your resume, references, or any documentation the hiring manager has requested. Doing so helps the hiring manager keep your application organized and ensures that they don’t miss anything you’ve submitted.

Cover letter ending example

Example 1: Marketing Director

I appreciate Greenworks’s mission to help corporations reach their sustainability goals. Both my professional experience and personal convictions are aligned with this pursuit. I would love to put my expertise as a marketing manager and my passion for the environment to work for your team. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 770-369-4241 during business hours if you would like to speak further about my qualifications. Thank you for taking the time to read my application and consider me for the Marketing Director position. I hope to hear from you soon.

Example 2: Social Worker

I want to thank you for taking the time to consider my application. It is my life’s greatest passion to fight for the vulnerable children of our city, and I would love to partner with Keep Hope Alive to help you ensure that no family goes hungry. If you would like to set up an interview to learn more about how my experience as a care coordinator can benefit your team, please feel free to reach out anytime via email at I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. 

Example 3: Barista

As a barista, I love great coffee. However, what I love the most about my career is getting the chance to make a customer’s day a little brighter. I would love the opportunity to combine my passion for lattes and my desire to help others by serving the customers at Busy Bee Cafe. If you would like to see my skills in action or learn more about my qualifications, please give me a call at 410-733-9622. Thank you for your time and consideration. I eagerly await your call.

You’ve spent the majority of your letter convincing the hiring manager you’re perfect for the role. Don’t let go of that enthusiasm in the end.

Make your cover letter ending as strong as the beginning

Learning how to end a cover letter well is just as important as writing a great introduction. The ending is what convinces the hiring manager that you are a candidate they want to interview.

To write a strong cover letter ending, summarize your qualifications and tell why they make you the best candidate. Then, reiterate your enthusiasm and restate why you want to join the company. Don’t forget to use professional language throughout, convey a sense of gratitude, and include a call to action that expresses your interest in a meeting or interview.

If you’re trying to figure out how to end a cover letter, examples are key. When you use cover letter and resume templates to guide you, you’ll learn how to structure your materials so that they appear polished and professional. Not only can these templates get you one step closer to the perfect cover letter ending, but they may also help you land more interviews for jobs in your field.

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