Barista cover letter example

Barista cover letter example

If you’re a coffee or tea lover, being a barista may be the perfect job for you. You’ll be responsible for crafting amazing tea and coffee-based drinks that satisfy customers and keep them coming back. Discover how to create a cover letter that looks as good as your unique drink creations.

Why a profession-specific cover letter matters

Even when you’re working with cover letter or CV templates, you should tailor them for the barista job you want. Doing so gives you the opportunity to write about your coffee-making skills.

For example, a hiring manager will want to know about your training regarding extraction techniques, measuring, and latte art. A profession-specific cover letter allows you to properly relay this information.

A customized cover letter also lets you showcase your passion for the coffee business. The person hiring you wants to know you’re excited about what you do and that you’ll bring that eagerness to the job each day.

Key components of a barista cover letter

While it’s important that what you write be unique and original, every barista cover letter should feature a few essential elements.

Start by sharing the details of your training. Whether you learned to make coffee drinks on the job or took formal classes at an international academy, it’s important to convey what you can do so the hiring manager understands the extent of your knowledge.

Additionally, you’ll want to share the details of your current role and the particular responsibilities you carry out each day. This information is especially important if you’re seeking a promotion, as it will help the person doing the hiring know whether you’re ready to move up.

Don’t forget to include information about your soft skills. Being able to make a great drink is obviously important, but coffee shop culture is also about communicating well with your team and establishing rapport with customers. If you have these skills, make sure they shine through in your cover letter.

Finally, ask for a follow-up meeting or interview and provide your full contact information. This is a good way to demonstrate your interest in the job and shows your willingness to be bold and go after what you want.

Cover letter format

Here’s a general format you can personalize for your cover letter for barista job applications:

  • Header: Include your name and contact info and the business’s address
  • Opening: Explain where you saw the job and why you’re applying
  • First Body Paragraph: Detail your current role and responsibilities
  • Additional Body Paragraphs: Lay out how your qualifications can benefit the business
  • Closing: Thank the hiring manager for their time and ask for an interview
  • Attachments: Indicate any enclosures, such as your resume

If you’re using this or similar cover letter templates, it’s crucial to tailor these components to the specific job you’re after.

Sample cover letter for barista

Anna Hampton
(631) 587-7723
Babylon, NY 11707

Bryson Oglevee
Bubbling Babylon Coffee Shop
191 Fire Island Ave.
Babylon, NY 11703

7 November 2023

Dear Mr. Oglevee,

I am writing to express my interest in and excitement about the Lead Barista position you recently posted online. Having worked as a barista for the last five years, I know the unique joy of seeing a customer smile as they take that first sip. I would love to have the opportunity to share that joy with your customers at Bubbling Babylon Coffee Shop.

In my current position at Brookwood Roasters, I take 90-plus customer orders with speed and efficiency during the weekday morning shift and consistently prepare them with a 99% accuracy rating. I am also responsible for keeping up with inventory for supplies and ordering them when we run low.

At my café, I am known for my deep knowledge of coffee origins, as well as my roasting and extraction techniques. Because of my extensive coffee education, my manager has entrusted me with the task of developing new drinks and pairing suggestions for customers. My drink-pairing skills have helped our store achieve a 72% success rate with upsells on pastries and sandwiches.

Hopefully, what shines through in these words is not just my training and skills but also my passion for this profession. My professional ethos is founded on constant growth and learning, as my knowledge is what brings happiness to others. I hope my customers feel that happiness when they taste their drinks each morning.

I am applying for the Lead Barista position because I am a team-oriented person who loves teaching and inspiring others to find purpose in what they do. I want my teammates to know the satisfaction of serving others with efficiency and enthusiasm. While I am certain there are other baristas out there with impressive skills, few are as passionate as I am. This is the attitude you can expect from me each day.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider how my experience and love for all things coffee can serve you and your customers. I would love to talk more about the position and how my qualifications might be a fit for your team. Please feel free to call me anytime during business hours at (631) 587-7723. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anna Hampton

Attachments: Resume enclosed

Dos and don’ts

As you craft your barista cover letter, make sure you consider the following tips and things to avoid:

  • Do explain your training and any specialty classes you’ve taken to enhance your drink-making skills
  • Don’t simply give a rundown of your job history — the hiring manager will see this when they read your resume
  • Do explain your passion and enthusiasm for the profession and your willingness to keep learning new things
  • Don’t be overly friendly or assume coffee shop hiring managers won’t appreciate professional language
  • Do write about soft skills, especially those concerning customer service, teamwork, and communication, as such qualities are essential for the job
  • Don’t copy straight from any cover letter or CV examples or misrepresent your skills in any way, as this will only lead to frustration later on

With the right cover letter and resume examples, you’ll be well on your way to securing your next position.

Additional tips

Make it a point to address your barista cover letter directly to the person who will be reading your application.

This information should be easy to obtain for a smaller coffee shop, as you can simply call the shop and ask. This tactic may be more difficult when applying at a national chain with a large, rotating staff, but it’s still worth a try. If you have a personal contact who works at the shop, verify with them to whom your cover letter should be addressed.

Another element that will make your cover letter stand out is the inclusion of measurable accomplishments.

Think back on your proudest moments as a barista and do your best to quantify what you achieved in those moments. This could be anything from how many customers your team serves during the afternoon rush to your success rate in upselling customers with pastries and food items.

Let your passion and skills land you the barista job of your dreams

When writing a cover letter, baristas should offer a mix of details about their skills and an explanation of what drives their passion for the profession. As you write your CV and cover letter, make sure to highlight both your hard and soft skills, quantifying your achievements and making it clear how much of an asset you would be to the employer. 

If you’re ready to land your next position, get started on your barista cover letter today using Jobseeker’s cover letter and resume template customization tools. These powerful resources will help you secure your next barista job with ease.

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