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Pharmacist Cover Letter Example, Guide and Tips

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing and supplying prescription medicines to patients. They play an important role in community healthcare and possess comprehensive knowledge of drugs and medications, gained through years of rigorous study. In this article, we discuss how to create a pharmacist cover letter that can help you stand out from other applicants.

Why a Profession-Specific Cover Letter Matters

Your cover letter is one of the most important elements of your job application. It accompanies your CV and gives you the chance to elaborate on the details in that document, showing what makes you a suitable candidate for the role. When writing your cover letter for pharmacist applications, it’s essential to tailor it to the role and the profession. 

Make sure your cover letter describes what makes you a good pharmacist, and highlights skills and experience mirroring the job description. It’s also effective to mention the hiring company by name in your letter to or show that you have some knowledge of the organisation, and explain why you would like to work for them.

Key Components of a Profession-Specific Cover Letter

A good cover letter can add further weight to a strong resume and help convince recruiters to invite you for interview. Your letter is an opportunity to convince the hiring manager that you’re right for a pharmacist job. Cover letters generally include an introduction that confirms the role you’re applying for, and why you’re applying for it. Following this, it’s typical to include a section that highlights your work experience and skills. These can elaborate on the details in your CV and emphasise achievements and milestones that make you suitable for the role. The final section tends to include a re-emphasis of your interest in the role and a call to action for the employer, encouraging them to contact you.

There are several things you might consider including in your pharmacist cover letter. You may wish to confirm your qualifications and credentials, so the employer can confirm you’re eligible for the job. Show how you meet the standards for pharmacy professionals and how you provide excellent customer service. Back up your achievements with evidence and data where possible. Make sure you use keywords from the job description to show how you’re suitable for the role.

Cover Letter Format

Follow the format below to create the perfect pharmacist cover letter. You can also find inspiration for the structure of your cover letter by reviewing Jobseeker’s cover letter templates.

  • Header with contact information: Include your first and last name, your address and your contact details, including your email address and phone number. 
  • Introductory paragraph: Confirm the role you’re applying for and where you saw it advertised. Explain why you’re applying for the role and why you want to work for the organisation. 
  • Qualification and experience: Write about your pharmacy qualifications and your current employment. Mention your duties and explain how they match the job description.
  • Skills and qualities: Discuss the skills and qualities you could bring to the role, and why this makes you a strong candidate for the position. 
  • Conclusion and call to action: Emphasise your enthusiasm for the role and why you think you’re suitable for the job. Finish with a call to action that encourages the hiring manager to follow up with you.

Sample Cover Letter for Pharmactists

Andrew Maguire (MPharm)
12 School Road
S10 1KV
07356 213881 |

Hiring Manager
Vital Health Ltd
S1 2HA

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m writing to apply for the position of Community Pharmacist, as advertised on Jobseeker. I was immediately drawn to the role as it suits my experience as a certified pharmacist. After four years working as a junior pharmacist, I’m ready to step into a more senior position. An opportunity to work for a reputable national organisation like Vital Health can provide me with the career progression I’m seeking.

Since qualifying with my Masters in Pharmacy and registering with the GPhC in 2019, I’ve been working as a junior pharmacist at a busy community pharmacy in Crookes. My responsibilities involve serving customers and dispensing up to 50 prescriptions per day. I also provide informal advice on healthy lifestyles and non-prescription medications. I currently act as a community champion for an NHS-led social prescribing project, signposting pharmacy customers to local events and activities that can help them lead healthier lives.

I bring a balanced approach to pharmacy. I provide sound advice on the correct use and dosage of medicines while also advocating for healthier lifestyles. Where possible, I direct patients to non-medical interventions. My interpersonal skills have helped me develop positive relationships with regular customers, which I could transfer into a more senior position with greater responsibility.

With your pharmacy’s central position and high volume of customers, this role offers an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of Sheffield’s residents. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the role further. Please contact me on 07356 213881 or at, if you would like to arrange an interview.

Andrew Maguire

Attachment: CV

Dos and Don’ts

When writing your cover letter for pharmacist job applications, follow these tips to increase your chances of success:

  • Mention your credentials: Pharmacy is a professional industry. As such, employers will be searching for candidates who meet rigorous selection criteria. Make sure you highlight your credentials and memberships. This is the General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK, while in the USA, registration differs by state. 
  • Avoid repeating your resume: Your cover letter gives you the chance to explain your achievements and skills in greater depth. However, try to avoid repeating details from your resume in your cover letter. If you mention the same roles and duties, elaborate and provide further detail than your resume afforded.
  • Use keywords from the job description: Review the job description for keywords and requirements. Referencing these in your resume and cover letter can help to show the hiring manager that you’re ideal for the role.
  • Don’t make it too long: As with your CV, it’s important to make your cover letter concise. Jobseeker’s cover letter templates and CV templates can help you strike the right tone and length for each document.

Additional Tips

These extra tips can help your cover letter to really stand out:

Use a design that complements your CV

Your cover letter design and layout matters just as much as that of your CV. Use one of Jobseeker’s cover letter templates to give your pharmacist cover letter a clean, professional look. You can also create your resume with Jobseeker, using resume templates that match or complement your cover letter.

Address your cover letter to a named contact

Address your cover letter to a named contact within the organisation. Companies will often list the hiring manager’s name on the job advert. If it’s not, you could contact the organisation to ask who to address the letter to. Otherwise, use ‘hiring manager’. Avoid using formal or impersonal greetings such as ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘To whom it may concern’.

Use strong verbs

When describing your work experience and skills, use strong action verbs to emphasise your impact. Use words such as ‘manage’, ‘educate’, ‘lead’, ‘generate’ and ‘facilitate’. This can help paint you as a confident, accomplished pharmacist who deserves the attention of employers.

Key Takeaways/Conclusion

A carefully crafted pharmacist cover letter could help you proceed to the interview stage of your application. Take the time to ensure you tailor your cover letter for each application. Reference the company you’re applying to and mirror the job description to prove you’re an able candidate. You can create a cover letter that makes an impact by using Jobseeker’s cover letter templates and examples. You’ll also find resume examples, including this pharmacist CV example to help inspire your job applications. Sign up today to get started and improve your chances of winning your dream pharmacist job.

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