Negotiate A Job Offer & Close The Deal

Welcome To Your New Job You’ve written a fantastic cover letter, aced the interview, and have an offer in your lap—now, how do you negotiate? Is there room for negotiation in this tough economy? When you’re about to negotiate a job offer, keep these tips in mind. Know your limits: Know what you can live with and what would keep you at a company. Know what you want bell & ross replica, and more importantly, what you need. Get inside: It’s easier to negotiate when you have inside information. Has the position been hard to fill? If so, you could have more power. Use networks like LinkedIn to track companies and learn more about their daily workings. Write it down: Take the time to draft up a plan of what you want and what you’re willing to do to get it. It’s hard to say no when all the details have been sorted out. It’s not just about salary: If your employer won’t move on the money, what else can you get? More flex time? Vacation days? More responsibility? Better benefits? Relocation expenses? These are all parts of a job that are overlooked. Know your worth: Research the market value of the position you’re being offered, as well as your own personal piaget altiplano replica watches worth. Ask others in the industry for prices that reflect the current market. Don’t give in: Just keep fine-tuning your proposal until you get a yes. It’s okay to be the first person to ask for something.