How To Land A Job Quickly

Get Hired—Fast Finding and getting a job can be a long, frustrating progress. With so many applicants fighting for the same positions, how can you stand out in your job search? Learn the secrets to how to land a job quickly with our jobseeker tips and tricks. Visit industry listings: Check job listing boards that pertain to your particular industry or the Chopard Replica Watches industry you seek to work in. Most allow job seekers to complete applications and upload resumes on site, and narrowing your search to a particular field eliminates jobs you’re probably not interested in. Chat with your contacts: Talk to former co-workers for the inside track on new openings at companies that are similar to your previous employer. People in the same industry hear the same industry news, and one of your peers may have heard of an opening for you. Be the first: As the adage goes, the early bird catches the worm. Most jobs go to people who apply for them in the first week, so be vigilant in checking job boards, connections, and aggregators for positions you’re interested in. Be qualified: Does a job ask for five years of experience and you only have two? Don’t apply. Does this position require HTML coding knowledge and you can barely turn on a computer? Don’t apply. Save your energy and time for positions you’re wholly qualified for and can shine in. Use staffing agencies: Make staffing agencies do part of your job search for you. These businesses know what kind of applicants their clients are seeking and can determine quickly if you’re a match. Attend industry events: Meet as many people as you can, selling yourself the entire night. Stay alert, keep the cocktails to a minimum, and get ready to meet your future boss or coworkers. Take an informational interview: Get names of people who work in your field and set up brief informational meetings with them. This gets you acquainted with people who can pass your resume on to hiring managers. Follow up: Employers are busy. Sometimes, they need to be reminded that you’re still ready and waiting for their response. Send a thank you note after an interview, and if you don’t hear back from them, be sure to call and ask if you can schedule a time to meet.