Direct and supervise the work of personnel to jointly ensure that the imported merchandise is examined, classified and appraised Versace Replica Watches according to Mexican Customs Laws and Regulations considering legal restrictions utilizing knowledge and experience in duty rates according to Mexican Customs Laws and Regulations of Mexican Federal tariffs of duties and taxes. 

Prior to presenting the goods to Mexican customs for clearance and importation, take into account the country of origin, import quotas and current market values.  Ensure that all goods are properly documented when presented to the Mexican Customs for importation.  Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports and/or exports, or customer issues.

Work closely with other departments to integrate logistics with business systems or processes such as customer sales, order management, accounting, and/or shipping.  Each one of these departments performs specialized functions which are essentials to the operations of the Customs house Broker and the Logistics/Forwarding business.  Through the work of subordinates, will ensure that the goods are analyzed, as needed, in order to determine the duty and taxes to be paid on the imported merchandise, considering its classification and values.

Direct inbound and/or outbound logistics operations such as Warehouse department, Logistics specialist, planners, schedulers, Import/Export specialist (Traffic), Warehouse Manager as well as  the Classification Manager.  Work closely with Warehouse Manager and direct warehouse activities and establish operational procedures for verification of incoming shipments of goods.

Confer with the operations and Traffic Managers to coordinate a logical plan for internal handling of the goods from time of arrival to the time of dispatch.  The Traffic Manager is responsible for coordinating the internal movement of the merchandise. Ascertain that the correct goods are contained in the shipments on arrivals and departures. The classification personnel participates in assigning classification codes to the goods according to statutory laws and federal regulations and International treaties. Once classification of goods has been accomplished, an appropriate tariff is consulted to determine the applicable duties, taxes and other related fees that is to be paid on the goods when imported.

Direct comprehensive logistical functions for product life cycles. Analyze the financial impact of proposed logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes,ferrari replica watches product volumes and/or carriers.

40 hrs./wk Bachelor's in International Trade + 6 years experience in this job.  

MAIL resume to: C. Castaneda, A. Castaneda & Co., Inc. 12006 Sara Rd., Laredo, TX  78045.


dependent upon experience

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