Provide high level administration support and legal assistance to lawyer who has two offices Encino and San Francisco.

Assist lawyer in researching legal precedent of the former Soviet Union countries and of the United States utilizing comprehensive university level
preparation in the legal system to determine advisability of pursuing particular direction in regards to business development trait negotiations contracts and patterns utilizing skills in legal research to ensure compliance with applicable constitutions statutes regulations tariffs and decisional long.

Collect information from English non-English speaking clients and Government agencies e.g. DMV and courts. Examine and prepare foreign legal
documents data pertaining to negotiations drafting and administration of contracts summons complaints and trade deals as needed.

Provide U.S. lawyer with research to support proceedings concerning legal rights obligations and privileges under Russian law as it applies to or affects menwatchessell.com
operations policies of particular businesses established or in development within specific Russian and former Soviet Union countries.

Compose and type the letters in Russian to clients. Train and supervise clerical workers. Revise established procedure and or revise new systems when needed. Work with different computer programs.

40 hrs/wk. Bachelor degree in Russian law + 1 year experience in job offered or Attorney in Russian Law. 

Mail resume to: Marina Kab, Esq, 16530 Ventura Blvd. #208, Encino, CA 91436


dependent upon experience

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