Supervise, coordinate, schedule and train bakers and kitchen personnel. Participate in all baking activities: preparing bread and other baked goods from scratch: particularly, pies, scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, bagels, croissants, cookies and brownies. Possess knowledge and ability to decorate cakes and cookies and to develop new omega replica recipes, particularly cookies.

Instruct personnel in both mixing and baking of all products batters, doughs, filings, and icings. Ensure economical use of personnel by coordinating assignments for timely preparation of goods. Be familiar with the following equipment: digital scales, convection ovens, steam-injection deck ovens. Duchess dough dividers, planetary and spiral mixers.

Closely monitor and maintain qualify control of baked goods through visual inspections and sampling. Check quality of raw materials to ensure that company standards and specifications are met. Ensure specified humidity and temperature in the kitchen by reading and interpreting charts. Ensure appropriate refrigeration temperatures are maintained.

Check all baking equipment to ensure that they meet health safety regulations and that personnel is operating them properly. Perform maintenance, adjustment and cleaning as required on such equipment. Estimate ingredient consumption and supplies used in order to purchase such supplies and ingredients.piaget replica watches Receive deliveries and check quantity and quality of deliveries.


Dependent upon experience.

About Great Basin Baker

The Great Basin Bakery is a small, community bakery committed to producing highest quality, wholesome baked goods in a friendly and lively environment. Our specialties include artisan breads and bagels, gourmet cookies and selected pastries. We are also developing a breakfast and lunch menu to satisfy traditional and gourmet tastes alike. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service, giving back to the local community, and advocating for environmental responsibility and healthy lifestyles. We are steadily approaching our dream of having an excellent work environment and comfortable wages and benefits for employees. The challenge of the coming years is balancing growth in productivity and menu diversity with continual dedication to quality and our loyal, local customer.