Oversee projects and assume a lead role as will monitor the work of programmers, technologist and technicians and other engineering workers. Responsible for trouble shooting and modification of software systems. Coordinate software system installation and monitor equipment functioning to ensure specifications are met. Participate in major role in development of Web-based distributed applications.

Design, implement & maintain financial department production management tracking system and accounting tracking system utilizing PHP/mySQL. Develop software online applications, and implement systems utilizing knowledge of Economics for Businesses and Entrepreneurs using PHP, Linux, and MySQL to support online advertiser base that facilitates 4 Billion+ searches a day for innovative provider of result based interactive online marketing services to advertisers, merchants and agencies; behavioral retargeting algorithm for returning users based on prior behavior on web pages; click forensic algorithms for quanti-sizing online advertisement, improving traffic quality, identifying patterns in web traffic and implementing solutions to filter click fraud; an Algorithm that spiders web pages to analyze content and monetizes web traffic via inline, contextual and banner ads.

Oversee various projects that involve software and database development. Implement a publisher-advertiser bucket system that automatically scores traffic and assigns advertisers to sites based on traffic quality IWC Aquatimer Replica. Design and implement web analytic algorithms for automatic click adjustment for publishers based on advertiser conversions. Create user interfaces for validating credit card transactions. Provide assistance and advice to business users in effective use. 

Participate in major role in development of Web-based distributed applications, databases, organizational websites and other projects. Lead role in designing numerous reporting tools to track revenue for accounting and management. Use advanced programming languages, develop and maintain SQL Server and databases for various projects and functionalities of the company.

Develop an ad serving publisher-advertiser platform for syndication purposes. Identify and implement techniques to increase natural traffic to websites. Normalize database tables and performed extensive query optimizations. Troubleshooting as well as problem-solving.  Analyze alternatives for short term and long term solutions.  Analyze systems’ capabilities and requirements for storage and data manipulation. Responsible for coordinating with technical teams and reporting database strategy status to finance to management.

MS in Economic Cybernatics or Computer Science or MS equiv. in Economics with a major in Applied Mathematics + 1 yr exp.  40 hrs/wk. 


Dependent upon experience.

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