Quinn Shalz Family Funeral Home is looking for a compassionate, well-organized person who takes pride in work well done. Quinn-Shalz helps families through the transition of grief and loss at the closure of a life. We put our family’s needs and wants first by combining professionalism with a dynamic ok-replica.cz , compassion driven operational model and an efficient management team. This affords us the opportunity to offer an array of memorial options without pushing unnecessary and unwanted services and merchandise onto our grieving families.  

While we are a growing funeral home, we function more like a supportive family to our employees. We strive to provide our staff with the environment, tools and encouragement to achieve professional and personal goals.

As a Funeral Director/Embalmer at Quinn Shalz, you will build relationships with families as you provide care, comfort and guidance to them in the comfort of our funeral home. You will arrange, direct and prepare the deceased for their final disposition. We are more than just a place of business; we are people who can be trusted with the care of a person’s loved one.  

Critical to the job is: 

A dually licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in the State of Florida, 2-3 years of recent experience, excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, honesty, compassion, professionalism, organizational skills, attention to detail, the ability to follow state guidelines regarding the conducting of services, the handling of paperwork, coordinating all facets of the services (internally and externally), keeping the family informed, business acumen,rolex replica watches etc. Quinn Shalz will pay for Crematory Operator Licensing if you do not already have one. 

Basic tasks:

  • Provide information to families on funeral service options, products, merchandise, and maintain merchandise display areas.
  • Offer counsel and comfort to bereaved families and friends.
  • Plan, schedule and coordinate funerals, burials, and cremations, arranging such details as the time and place of services.
  • Obtain information needed to complete legal documents such as death certificates and burial permits.
  • Inform survivors of benefits for which they may be eligible.
  • Consult with families and/or friends of the deceased to arrange funeral details such as obituary notice wording, casket selection, and plans for services.
  • Provide or arrange transportation between sites for the remains, mourners, pallbearers, clergy, and flowers.
  • Plan placement of caskets at funeral sites, and place and adjust lights, fixtures, and floral displays.
  • Discuss pre-arranged funerals with clients.
  • Contact cemeteries to schedule the opening and closing of graves.
  • Direct preparations and shipment of bodies for out-of-state burial.
  • Arrange for clergy members to perform needed services.
  • Close caskets and lead funeral processions to churches or burial sites.
  • Comply with all Federal (FTC), State, and local laws pertinent to conducting funeral services.
  • Perform cremations
  • Oversee the preparation and care of deceased.
  • Perform embalming duties as necessary.
    • Provide restoration to traumatized areas
    • Dress
    • Cosmetize
    • Casket


Salaried and Full Medical Benefits. Non commissioned position.

About Quinn-Shalz Family Funeral Home

Quinn-Shalz, A Family Funeral Home, aims to assist families with dignified and compassionate memorialization of their loved ones. Quinn-Shalz guides families in planning traditional funeral services or through the many options available that will help them to develop a more personalized and unique service. We bring a wealth of experience in funeral matters, business management, leadership, compassion, and civic involvement. With over 60 years of active military service in the Quinn-Shalz family history, we are experts in military funerals and benefits.