As a precision fabrication company which meets worldwide standards, IPI is an AS9100C certified company in the precision fabrication of aerospace parts, and, as such, is approved by Lockheed Martin, Merex Group, Haskel (An Accudyne Industries Brand), Camar Aircraft Part Co, Frazier Aviation, Inc. to name a few. 

IPI caters to the commercial and military aerospace manufacturing providing full range of fabrication services, such as [but not limited to]:  CNC Milling, CNA Turing, Honing, Precision Sheet Metal Parts, Precision Sheet Metal Assemblies, Lofted/Contoured Support Assemblies, CAD Design, Metal Forming, Hydroforming and CNC Press Brakes. 

Design and programming engineering systems for the fabrication of precision automation aerospace metal parts.  Program the machines for precision cutting pursuant to measurements for clients'.  Apply principles, techniques, knowledge and procedures to designing systems for company which provides logistics, product fulfillment and warehousing solutions. Provide engineering programming for the companies' in the aerospace industry in need of customized and/or non-customized parts, as well as products UNIQUELY modified to  their needs utilizing experience, education and knowledge in control and automation. 

Obtain knowledge of mfg procedures, activities and methods.  Discuss with management review, control and action on the effects of product design changes on expenditures in efforts of providing enhanced mfg quality, reliability and/or cost effectiveness.  Trouble-shoot to recognize complex problems and review information to develop options and implement solutions utilizing critical thinking. Provide solution under local regulations and standards as well as meet company's standards in material use variance and/or bottleneck. Ensure exact programming is precise by reviewing and setting measurements.

Providing knowledge and experience in the creation of the designing systems to meet the clients' needs in the handling of  manufacturing their ordered aerospace precision parts.  Design and implement automation systems specifications and installation as well as installation of programmable logic computers. Utilized data mining to extract relevant information from large amount of data.  Develop software of specialist systems to give support on company's decision as well as neural networks. Development of Simulators to predict the behavior of real world systems. Test and calibration of control systems.  Create mechanical design and tolerance analyses to simulate design concepts. Provide technical expertise related to mfg. Use knowledge of human resources of machines and/or equipments' limitations capacity and capabilities. 

40 hrs/wk. Bachelor's in Computer Engineering + 5 yrs. exp. in computerized machine technologies or Industrial programming engineer or Master's degree in Computer Engr + 1 yr exp. 

Mail resume:  E. Martirosova, Infinity Precision Inc. 6919 Eton Ave., Canoga Park, CA  91303.


Dependent upon experience

About Infinity Precision Inc.

IPI is a certified woman owned small business located near Los Angeles, California in the city of Canoga Park. IPI is a commercial and military aerospace manufacturing company. We strive to keep high customer satisfaction by meeting short turn around times and provide value added engineering support. IPI provides a full range of fabrication services: CNC Milling - CNC Turning - Honing - Precision Sheet Metal Parts - Precision Sheet Metal Assemblies - Lofted / Contoured Support Assemblies - CAD Design - Metal Forming - Hydroforming (36x48in) - CNC Press Brake (8ft). Our commitment to Quality meets worldwide standards. IPI is an AS9100C and ISO9001 certified company. Our staff has years of experience fabricating parts for the Aerospace industry. We are dedicated to long term business relationships and the prosperity of Infinity Precision Inc. (IPI) and customers alike.