Develop & conduct training programs, in Spanish/English, for employees involved in sales of gardening, landscaping & accessories, both wholesale & retail to landscaping contractors, architects, Swiss Replica Watches merchants & clientele. 

Confer with management to gain knowledge of work situation requiring training for employees to better understand changes in policies, procedures, regulations & technologies. 

Formulate teaching outline & determine instructional methods, utilizing knowledge of specified training needs & effectiveness of such methods as individual training, group instruction, lectures, demonstrations, conferences, meetings & workshops. 

Develop teaching aids, such as multimedia visual aids & reference aids. Conduct training sessions covering specified areas such as those concerned with new employee orientation, on the-job training, use convincing sales techniques, verbal express, public & human relations, refresher training to improve job skills, promotional development, upgrading, retraining displaced workers, & leadership development.

Test trainee to measure progress & to evaluate effectiveness of training. 40 hrs/wk


dependent upon experience

About Kobata Growers

Kobata Growers Inc are wholesale growers and brokers of indoor and outdoor plants. We sell to trade accounts only, serving a broad base of industries such as landscapers, hotels, event planners, city accounts, motion picture studios, interior scapers, and other nurseries, etc.