Crew Leader in: Repair and restore damaged vehicle by repairing and replacing damaged parts to restore the vehicle to its original shape. Review repair cost estimates and plan work to be performed, replacement parts needed for the task as well as the materials to be gathered in preparation for each specific project to be performed. 

Take into consideration special techniques to be used and determine if replacement parts are available or if they will have to improvise customizing  by designing and making the replacement part. Assign work to tapers, sanders, and detailers depending on their limitations and capabilities. Work with hazardous materials and apply personal and refinishing safety.

Demonstrate to workers on proper use of equipment according to company's safety rules to prevent accidents. Perform advanced analysis for material damage and mechanical system. Analyze and use specialized techniques to repair and/or replace collision steel structure steel unibody, front and rear rails, floors and front structure. Perform plastic bumper repairs and involvement in frame strengthening and/or replacement of chassis as needed to restore vehicle to its original form shape 

Monitor projects at different stages to ensure compliance. Involvement in more complex structure damage and find solutions to problems, make replacement parts as needed as well as design, modify to customize the building of sectioning steel sheet metal and other replacement parts for repair utilizing steel unitized structures technologies and repair. 

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of materials to determine solution and strategy to take. Interior and/or exterior panel repair and/or replacement. Request materials and supplies from Project Manager. Utilize knowledge in Shark EZ Frame measuring. ProSpot welding, mig welding, welding and adhesively bonded pane replacement, as well as squeeze-type resistance spot welding.

3 yrs. exp.  40 hrs./wk. Mail resume: J. Foglesong Towing & Storage + Auto Repair, 631 S. Oak Ave. Ontario, CA  91762


dependent upon experience

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